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02 mobiles can come with different contracts and pay as you go deals, depending on your preferences and how much you use your phone. 02 is a network which provides calls, text messaging and other services, using phones manufactured by other companies, such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony or Motorola.


If you subscribe to a monthly line rental contract, phones are usually offered free. Pay as you go phones mean that you have to put credit on the phone, however you do not pay a monthly fee. They are not free, unlike contract phones, but you can get some good deals if you shop around and find one that offers a competitive package.


Some of the things to consider when you’re looking for 02 Mobiles include:


  • How much you use your phone
  • What features you want your phone to have, e.g. camera, MP3 player, the latest ringtone capabilities, internet access, video camera etc.
  • Whether you want a pay monthly contract or pay as you go
  • How much you want to spend each month
  • What type of handset you want


Think carefully about the features you want your phone to have, as contracts can be a big commitment. However, a good contract can also save you money every month, because, depending on which package you go for, a certain amount of call time and text messages are included as part of the contract phone deal.