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02 Pay As You Go Mobiles

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02 pay as you go mobiles vary a great deal in what they offer. Pay as you go means that you top-up your phone using a debit/credit card, top-up voucher/card, direct debit, online or at a cash machine, but do not have to pay a monthly contract fee.


Some things to consider when looking at 02 pay as you mobiles include:


  • Which tariff to select, with extra benefits such as cheaper call time and free minutes available, providing you top-up by a certain amount each month
  • If you want a feature-packed phone or a basic one. They range greatly in price and can be very expensive
  • What features you want your phone to have, such as camera, MP3 player, internet access, downloads, video camera etc.


Before deciding which 02 pay as you go mobiles are the best, shop around and make sure you are getting a good deal. It could save you money to get a contract phone if you use it a great deal because a certain number of minutes and text messages are included and you usually get a phone for free as part of the deal.