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Save Money & Time when you Insure 2 Cars

There are many potential benefits for people who decide to take out 2 car insurance instead of a separate car insurance policy for both vehicles. Not only is a multi car insurance policy easier to manage, but it can also reduce premiums as well.
To take out 2 car insurance it is important that both vehicles are registered to the same address and that the principal users all reside in that address as well.
The reason why multi car insurance can end up being a source of great savings is because the fact that multiple people and vehicles are covered by the same policy means that insurance companies can offer lower premiums, and some companies offering discounts of up to 23%.
When looking around for the best car insurance deals for 2 cars or more, there are a number of important details to keep in mind:

  • The general, but by no means universal, rule regarding no claims discounts is that claims made should only affect the drivers involved.
  • It should always be remembered that 2 car insurance does not automatically cover both drivers driving both vehicles.
  • The car insurance policy regarding a change of vehicle midway through the policy should always be scrutinised closely.
  • Extra discounts, such as for fitting extra locks to the vehicles, are sometimes obtainable.
  • Perhaps the biggest benefit of 2 car insurance is simply the ease of only having to remember one renewal date for the insurance of 2 vehicles. 

More and more companies are offering 2 car insurance deals that are excellent value, so compare car insurance quotes today.

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