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3G Broadband

If you need internet access while you’re out and about with your laptop, then 3G broadband might be something you would want to consider. By purchasing a 3G datacard that slots into your laptop, you can browse the internet, send and receive emails, check the latest news and sport – everything you would ordinarily do online but from anywhere you want, with up to 89% 3G network coverage.


The features of 3G broadband include:


  • Portable access to the internet
  • Especially useful for business and those who like to work on the go
  • Can also be used in the home
  • Wireless connection means no cables
  • Text message facility
  • Fast network speeds
  • Pay as you go or monthly tariff options, depending on usage


As long as you have adequate space on your hard drive and a relatively recent operating system such as Windows 2000/XP, then 3G broadband could offer the solution for your portable internet needs.