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Banking News Archive

  • Structured deposits: an alternative home for your savings  01/10/2013

    The prospect of record low savings rates continuing is forcing many savers to review how they allocate their capital in an attempt to achieve the level of returns they have previously enjoyed. Investing in the stock market inevitably involves putting your capital at risk however there is a middle ground which continues to attract increasing interest – the structured deposit. With this in mind, we take a deeper look at this savings alternative to help understand why more and more savers are starting to see their appeal. more 

  • Savings focus: Investec Target Income Deposit Plan  01/10/2013

    With the current economic environment asking savers far more questions than it gives answers, it is good to know that there are alternatives available. We take a look at one such alternative that is proving particularly popular as savers face the harsh reality that the more traditional fixed rate savings products are failing to meet their needs. more 

  • The Cash ISA transfer - every saver's secret weapon  03/09/2013

    Millions of savers are facing the harsh realisty that there is little hope of change to interest and savings rates in the coming years. However, those with Cash ISAs do have one further option to consider – the ISA transfer. We take a closer look at why this is becoming a rising trend as well as what this could mean for those looking for the potential to improve the returns from their capital. more 

  • Income head to head: Investec versus Morgan Stanley  06/08/2013

    With so many savers joining income investors in the hunt for high yields, being able to quickly understand and compare the numerous options available has become even more important. We therefore compare two of our most popular income investments to help understand what is driving their popularity and why they might meet your income needs. more 

  • Inflation continues to rise and savers have nowhere to hide  23/07/2013

    The second successive increase to the headline rate of inflation is far from welcome and it couldn’t come at a worse time, with millions of maturing fixed rate bondholders staring at sharp drops in the level of income currently available. We take a closer look at what this latest increase really means when making decisions around our savings and investments. more 

  • Comparing structured deposits and fixed rate bonds - what you need to know  09/07/2013

    Historically low interest rates are pushing many to consider areas with the potential for higher returns and the structured deposit has become a popular choice. Combining full capital protection with the potential for higher returns than a fixed rate bond of similar duration, structured deposits are also available as a Cash ISA and for Cash ISA transfers. This guide compares structured deposits with fixed rate bonds to help you understand the main differences. more 

  • From bad to worse - inflation, earnings and savings rates  25/06/2013

    If it isn’t bad enough that the latest inflation figures have jumped to 2.7%, what’s making matters worse is that earnings are not increasing by anywhere near enough to keep pace. Combined with record low savings rates and the future certainly does not look bright. We take a deeper look at the impact this is having on both saver and investors. more 

  • Inflation falls but what does this mean for savers  10/06/2013

    Last month’s dip in inflation to 2.4% was a welcome one for savers and means there could be a few more ‘inflation-beating’ savings accounts on offer, but is this really the case? We take a closer look at what this means for savers. more 

  • Compare Top Cash ISAs  15/05/2013

    With the Bank of England base rate stuck at an historic low of 0.5%, and the Government's Funding for Lending scheme lessening the banks’ reliance on savers, top cash ISA rates are harder to come by than in previous years. more 

  • What are structured deposits and why are they proving so popular  14/05/2013

    With the current market for fixed rate savers at one of its lowest points, and the future outlook not much better, making sure that we understand all of the options available to us is more important than ever before. With this in mind, we take an in-depth look at structured deposits to see why more and more savers are starting to see their appeal. more 

  • The latest charity savings account deals  08/05/2013

    At Fair Investment we know that charities can have a difficult time getting a good interest rate on savings, which is why we work with financial service providers to help bring you better rates. more 

  • ISA season hotshots still going strong  30/04/2013

    The 2012/13 tax year may be over, but many of the most popular plans from the ISA season are still available – and with the new tax year underway, now could be a great time to get ahead and maximise your ISA allowance for 2013/14. more 

  • New launch cash management service - Savings Maximiser  16/04/2013

    Fair Investment Company has launched a new cash management service aimed at those with £100,000+. The service is designed to provide you with a consistently competitive rate of interest rate while maintaining security for your savings. more 

  • Latest Fixed Rate Bond Deals  12/04/2013

    Here we highlight a selection of some of the current fixed rate bond deals for April 2013 – as well as some alternative ideas if you’re happy to tie up capital for 3 years or more. more 

  • Last Minute 2013 Cash ISAs - our Top 5  26/03/2013

    With time running out to meet the 5th April end of tax year deadline, we bring you our selection of the best Cash ISAs available.   more 

  • Latest charity savings rates roundup  20/03/2013

    Charities frequently face obstacles when it comes to getting a good interest rate on their savings. At Fair Investment we’re working with various financial service providers to help bring you better interest rates on your charity's savings. more 

  • 2013 Cash ISA Selection  19/03/2013

    With time running out to meet the 5th April end of tax year deadline, we bring you our selection of the best Cash ISAs available. more 

  • 5 good reasons to use your ISA allowance  05/03/2013

    With the end of the tax year only a month away, making sure you use as much of your ISA allowance as possible needs to be a priority. But if you are wondering why you need to consider your ISA options and what all the fuss is about, we offer you a helping hand by giving you 5 good reasons to use you ISA allowance. more 

  • Best fixed rate bonds – latest deals  22/02/2013

    With interest rates at record lows, locking cash away in a fixed-rate bond is no longer a guarantee of getting a good return. With the Government’s Funding for Lending Scheme giving banks cheap money, there’s little incentive for providers to encourage savers by offering high fixed rates. more 

  • ISA Season Selections  19/02/2013

    With the ISA season well and truly underway, now is the time to consider all of the options available. The current economic environment gives both savers and investors some very real challenges and so to help, we offer you a detailed round up of our selection of the best the market has to offer, for both Cash ISAs and Investment ISAs, as well as ISA transfers. more 

  • Savers set to stash away £117 billion in cash ISAs this year  19/02/2013

    Despite the prevailing low interest rates, new research has demonstrated that 31.5m UK adults intend to use their cash ISA allowance this year more 

  • Fixed cash ISA rates fall by more than 30% in 12 months  14/02/2013

    With the end of the tax year in sight and ISA season now upon us, this is traditionally the time of year when banks and building societies unveil their top-paying fixed rate cash ISA deals. However, based on research carried out by Fair Investment Company, rates on one, two and five year fixed rate cash ISAs have fallen by up to 40% compared to a year ago. more 

  • NatWest launch 2 year fixed rate ISA at 2.35% AER  13/02/2013

    At a time when good fixed rate ISA deals are hard to find, NatWest have launched competitive one and two year fixed rate cash ISAs. more 

  • Latest Charity Savings Accounts Deals  01/02/2013

    Charities frequently face obstacles when it comes to getting a good interest rate on their savings. At Fair Investment we’re working with leading high street and private banks to bring you better interest rates on your charity's savings. more 

  • Latest Business Savings Accounts Deals  30/01/2013

    For many businesses, cash that’s not being used for immediate capital will usually work harder for you interest-wise if you store it in a business savings account rather than a current account. more 

  • Cash ISA options all wrapped up  22/01/2013

    The lack of competitive rates available in the savings market is hitting Cash ISA savers hard but there are a number of alternaties which are proving popular. From the potential for 7% income to uncapped growth returns, we take a deeper look at what is driving this popularity and where the focus for Cash ISAs is moving to. more 

  • Savings Focus: 7% income opportunity for these difficult times  22/01/2013

    Against the backdrop of some of the most challenging time for savers to find a competitive rate, we take a look at one alternative to fixed rate bonds which offers a potential 7% income and is proving particularly popular with savers. more 

  • The savings outlook for fixed rate bonds in 2013  17/01/2013

    With the Bank of England Base rate stuck at 0.50% the impact of a low interest environment that we have been in for some time now has really started to hit savers pockets particularly over the last 5 months. The  difficult savings situation has been exacerbated by the introduction of the Government Funding for Lending Scheme which was launched in August last year to encourage lenders to lend more to the public by offering more mortgage products. more 

  • 2013 and the outlook for savers  08/01/2013

    We take a closer look at what the developments in recent months might mean for the year ahead and what we should be considering in order to make the most of our hard earned savings in 2013. more 

  • Fixed Rate Bond Savings Alternatives  22/11/2012

    If you are a saver looking for a good rate of interest on a fixed rate then you are in for a shock. Since the launch of the Government Funding Lending Scheme in August this year which provides cheap money to Banks, there has been no incentive for banks to offer attractive interest rates to encourage you to save with them. Interest rates on fixed rate bonds have been particularly hit with rates on 1 to 5 year terms falling significantly in the last few months. more 

  • Where else to look for your savings  13/11/2012

    The current crop of options for those considering fixed rates for their savings is not looking great, particularly those with a term of 3 years+. We therefore take a look at the wide range of alternative options available to savers, all of which offer full capital protection but with the potential for higher returns. more 

  • Savings Focus: Investec's Kick Out Deposit Plan  13/11/2012

    With the current market for traditional fixed rates offering some of the lowest rates ever seen, we take a look at the Kick Out Deposit Plan from Investec to find out how to get the opportunity for higher returns but without risking your capital. more 

  • Fixed Rate Bond Rates - Latest Deals  07/11/2012

    The "funding for Lending" scheme launched by the Government in August this year designed to encourage banks to increase lending to businesses is having a serious impact on UK savers. With cheap money being made readily available to banks by the government, High street banks currently have no incentive to offer attractive savings rates to UK savers. This trend is not good news for people who rely on savings interest to supplement retirement income. The need to ensure you are getting best value from your savings is greater than ever. more 

  • Recession over - get real!  30/10/2012

    With the announcement last week that the UK is now out of recession, you would be forgiven for being rather confused as to what this really means for our savings and investments. We therefore take a closer look at the key drivers behind the recent increase to UK growth and find out what impact this could have on our future plans. more 

  • Be prepared - the real threat of inflation to our savings  02/10/2012

    Understanding the impact inflation can have on our savings is more important now than ever before and so we take an in depth look at what the future may hold. more 

  • The growing need to manage your savings  02/10/2012

    Low interest rates and the threat of rising inflation has greatly increased the need to consider your savings in the context of something that requires managing. We offer some ideas as to how you might organise your savings to try and make the most of what the market has to offer. more 

  • Fixed rate bonds latest rates  02/10/2012

    Based on data published by the building Society Association the average UK branch instant access savings account rate for August 2012 was 0.22% AER while the average branch notice savings account rate was 1.51% AER. For savers prepared to opt for a fixed rate bond the average rate was 2.49% AER.  If you are comfortable locking your savings away for a fixed period you can get a much better rate of interest on your money and with inflation running at 3.2% (As at July 2012) it pays to shop around for the best deal. See below for a selection of fixed rate bond deals for October 2012. more 

  • Latest 2012-13 Cash ISA Options  28/09/2012

    ISAs are becoming increasingly popular with savers with ISAs overtaking pensions in popularity according to the Office of National Statistics in 2011. With the ISA allowance increasing every year in line with consumer price inflation you can currently put up to £5,640 into a tax free cash ISA. Nearly Half way through the 2012-13 ISA year we have put together a detailed round-up of our selection of the best cash ISA options available. more 

  • Up to 40% return on your savings - capital protected  18/09/2012

    If you think the FTSE will go up, then the latest capital protected deposit plan from Legal & General offers a potential return of 40% on your savings. more 

  • Your savings options - Are we better off than a year ago  04/09/2012

    What a difference a year makes - or does it? Looking at fixed rates, instant access accounts and fixed rate bond alternatives, we take a look at how far the savings industry has come in the last 12 months. more 

  • Beat fixed rate savings with 15% potential growth over 3 years  03/09/2012

    The potential for 15% growth after 3 years with the 3 Year Deposit Plan from Investec. It's a structured deposit, so there's no risk to your capital. more 

  • Savings alternative: 150% FTSE growth, capped at 45%  24/08/2012

    The RBS Accelerated Growth Deposit Plan will return 150% of any FTSE 100 growth (capped at 45% of your initial investment) - far ahead of the best savings rates available with fixed rate bonds. more 

  • Summer sizzlers - which savings accounts are hot this summer  17/08/2012

    To help you see what savings accounts are performing well right now, we give you our selection of summer sizzlers from the best the market has to offer. more 

  • Premier savings accounts - rates up to 3.70%  17/08/2012

    Compare our selection of the latest premier savings accounts, offering exclusive rates for people with £50,000 or more to put away. You could earn up to 3.70% on a two year fixed term deposit. more 

  • Charity savings accounts - spread the word  07/08/2012

    As one of the fastest growing sectors in the savings market, never before have we had such a strong selection of savings products available to charities. Please spread the word by forwarding this charity savings account overview to anyone you know involved with charities who might not be receiving a competitive rate on their savings. more 

  • Potential 8.25% annual returns on your savings  06/08/2012

    The Deposit Kick Out Plan from Gilliat could make a compelling alternative to fixed rate savings, offering the potential for early maturity and 8.25% annual growth, with capital protection. more 

  • Savings alternative: Up to 50% growth without risking your capital  26/07/2012

    With fixed rates barely keeping ahead of instant access savings, there's little incentive to tie your money up, but L&G are offering an alternative to savers - a potential growth return of up to 50%, with a minimum return of 7%. more 

  • Don't be fooled - the truth around inflation and your savings  24/07/2012

    The second reduction to the headline rate of inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index, is a welcome one but it could also give us a false sense of security. We take a closer look at what this latest reduction to inflation really means when making decisions around our savings and investments. more 

  • The potential to beat low savings rates with a 16% return after 3 years  20/07/2012

    The potential to beat low fixed rate savings with a fixed return of 16% provided the FTSE 100 at the end of the 3 year term is higher than its starting value. more 

  • New savings alternative: 6.75% potential annual income, capital protected  13/07/2012

    For a potential annual income of 6.75%, without risking your capital, the Income Deposit Plan from Meteor could be a worthwhile alternative to fixed rate bonds in the current savings market. more 

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