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Compare - Latest Car Insurance Deals
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5 Star car insurance from £163 – That’s all 10% paid for our standard cover* .
You could save up to 20% online - 32% of customers are expected to receive the maximum saving**

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Our Guaranteed Hire Car cover comes as standard with our comprehensive motor insurance.

Underwritten by U K Insurance Limited

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Discount available for every additional car you insure with Churchill Motor Insurance.
Introductory discount. Minimum premiums apply. Maximum 10 vehicles per household. Underwritten by U K Insurance Limited

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 * 10% of customers buying comprehensive car insurance with us from October 2014 to December 2014 paid this price or less for our standard cover (excluding optional extras). The price you will pay depends on individual circumstances, cover chosen and payment method. Our Defaqto 5 Star Rating gives you independent expert reassurance about the quality of cover we provide as well as options to tailor your cover. Discount depends on individual circumstances and does not apply to optional extras. Minimum price applies.
Compare - Home and Contents Insurance Quotes
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Compare - Latest Home Insurance Deals
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Great value 'Defaqto' 5 Star rated cover. £1 million cover if you need to rebuild your home, choose up to £150,000 for your contents cover, 24-hour UK emergency helpline

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£1 million£100,000

Over 50s Home Cover - Buildings and contents insurance from £141 a year – 51% of customers who paid annually and took out a new policy between May and July 2015 paid this or even less

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Five star rated Platinum Home Insurance.
(Moneyfacts Home Insurance 2018). Choose from three levels of cover, covering some or all of: home emergency, boiler cover, family legal protection, accidental damage on both buildings and contents, personal possessions, bicycles, matching items, trace and access. Plus add optional extras. 24-hour Emergency Helpline

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*There is no total sum insured, but other limits apply including single article and total valuables limits.

** Up to 50% offer includes introductory 25% discount applied to annual home insurance premium and not to additional extras. £30 gift card applies when purchasing new combined cover.

***99% of people who had a buildings and contents quote during May 2012 received a discount of at least 15%.

♦ Not available to customers renewing their existing cover

 ****Discount applies when you buy buildings and contents together. 30% combined and 20% online discount deducted consecutively. Excludes optional covers. Minimum premiums apply. New customers only.

Compare Insurance

Insurance provides financial protection against risk. Risk can take many forms but for example insurance can be provided to provide protection from damage to property, personal injury or illness or death. By paying a relatively small premium you are paying to ensure that if the worst happens an insurance company will step in and provide financial redress. In calculating the insurance premium that you need to pay to provide financial protection an insurance company will use an actuarial approach as well as claims experience to determine the likelihood of the risk event happening and cost this risk accordingly. The higher the risk the higher the insurance premium you will have to pay.


Different Types of Insurance

There are a whole range of insurance policies available to cover different types of risk and an extensive list is provided below.

Type of Insurance

Insurance Features

Building Insurance

Provides cover to property against risk factors such as fire and flood. Building insurance can be for a specific sum assured or rebuild cost. When taking out a mortgage most lenders will insist you take out building insurance.

Business Insurance

Business insurance can include professional and public liability insurance, employment liability insurance, business premises insurance, equipment insurance. Most business insurance providers can tailor your cover in line with your business needs.

Business Interruption Insurance

Provides protection in the event of something preventing business being carried out e.g. damage to business premises.

Contents Insurance

Provides financial protection in the event of damage or destruction to contents and possession due to events such as theft, fire or flood. In calculating the cost of insurance for high value items specialist high value contents insurance may be required.

Credit Insurance

Business Credit Insurance provides financial protection typically for a business against the risk of bad debts caused by insolvency or disputes with debtors which results in non payment of invoices. Consumer Credit Insurance provides financial protection to finance companies or lenders who offer credit to consumers to buy expensive items e.g. furniture

Critical Illness Insurance

Provides financial peace of mind that in the event of diagnosis of a specified critical illness condition a lump sum will be paid out to the policyholder.

Directors Liability Insurance

Provides financial protection to officers and directors of companies from personal lawsuits. Director liability insurance can normally be tailored to suit the business in question.

Event Insurance

Provides event organizers from public liability claims as a result of negligence e.g. firework event insurance provides cover in the event of a liability claim against organizers as a result of injury.

Expatriate Insurance

This type of cover is designed to provide financial protection to people living and working abroad. Typically this type of cover is for a defined term of 6 to 12 months and might include cover for medical expenses, personal liability insurance and personal possessions.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance provides financial protection to properties. In the UK this type of cover has become increasingly important and the cost of cover has risen in flood designated areas as extreme weather conditions have become more commonplace.

Home Insurance

Home insurance can include both building and contents insurance and provides financial protection in the event of damage to your home e.g. fire or contents e.g. burglary. In the UK the home insurance market is highly competitive and home insurance premiums can vary significantly from one home insurance provider to the next.

Income Protection Insurance

Income protection insurance comes under two different forms. Short term income protection or accident, sickness and unemployment insurance (ASU insurance) provides cover typically up to 2 years and provides breathing space in the event you cannot or unable to go to work. Long term income protection isnurance provides cover up to set age e.g. age 60 and provides a replacement income in the event you are not able to work due to illness or disability.

Key Person Insurance

Key person insurance provides financial cover to businesses in the event that a member of staff dies unexpectedly or is unable to work to due to serious illness or disability. The loss os such an individual can have significant financial consequences on a business. Cover would also normally cover the key persons income and benefits which the business would still be liable to cover.

Landlord Insurance

Provides financial protection to landlords covering anything from flood to tenant damage. Landlord insurance policies will usually include public and property owner liability insurance. Landlords Contents insurance is also an option where properties are furnished.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Normally sold as an add on to house or car insurance and provides legal expense cover in the event of a dispute. There are two types of cover; Most legal expenses insurance is to provide protection for things that might happen and covers costs of solicitor fees and leagl costs if the other side wins. After the event legal expenses insurance provides protection in the event that you lose your court case.

Liability Insurance

Provides financial protection in the event of being sued for negligence. Public liability insurance provides cover in the event that a member of the public is awarded damages because of an injury or damage to their property.

Life Insurance Provides a financial payout (sum assured) to a designated beneficiary in the event of the death of the life assured. The premium paid is determined by factors such as gender, age when the policy is taken out, health and lifestyle factors and the term of the policy. Policies can be on a single or joint life basis and cover can come in different forms e.g. family income benefit will pay a income to designated beneficiaries for a set term on death of the life assured, while a term assurance plan will pay a capital sum (known as the sum assured and specified at outset) on death of the life assured (s).

Marine Insurance

Insurance that provides financial protection to boat owners. Cover can range from dinghy, and small craft insurance right through to commercial shipping insurance.

Medical Insurance

Sometimes called Health insurance this cover provides private medical treatment for specified conditions with policies providing cover at different levels depending on the nature of the cover.

Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage insurance can take two forms. Mortgage life insurance provides financial protection in the event of death of the mortgage holder (s) ensuring that any mortgage liability on a property is met. Mortgage payment protection insurance provides protection to mortgage repayments in the event that the mortgage holder in unable to work due to sickness, injury or unemployment. Cover will last normally for no more than 12 months.

Payment Protection Insurance

Provides protection in the event of sickness accident or unemployment or death to the policyholder and is normally taken out in conjunction with a credit agreement when obtaining a loan or credit card. PPI as it is often called normally covers debt repayments for a period of 12 months after which time the onus falls back on the policyholder to cover the repayments. In recent times this type of cover has been criticised with banks being ordered to repay missold PPI back to customers.

Pet Insurance

Provides financial protection including vet bills, liability if your pet causes an accident resulting in third party damage or injury. As well as standard pet insurance policies for household pets equine insurance is available for horses.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This type of cover also known as PI Insurance or Indemnity Insurance provides financial protection in the event that a claim is brought by a client as a result of a problem arising out of work done for them. This type of insurance will typically cover the cost of putting the problem right or cover any legal costs in defending the claim.

Terminal Illness Insurance

This type of cover is often combined with life insurance policies and provides financial protection in the event of diagnosis of a terminal illness where you are not expected to live beyond a set period e.g. 12 months.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance provides financial protection and travel insurance cover can range from basic cover to comprehensive. Travel insurance will provide cover ranging from flight delay and cancellation cover to cover for personal belongings and personal health. People with pre exisiting medical conditions can obtain cover taking into account their health situation.

Vehicle Insurance

In the UK this is compulsory insurance if you drive a vehicle on the roads. The Car insurance market in the UK is highly sophisticated and high competitive with specialist car insurance available e.g. young driver car insurance and convicted driver car insurance. the same also applies to commercial vehicle insurance and other strands of vehicle insurance such as motorbike insurance and caravan insurance.

Guide to buying insurance


As with many things in life the more time you put into something the more you will get out and with buying insurance spending some time understanding what to look out for can save you both time and money in the long run and should ensure that you end up with the right cover. Things to consider:


  • Check what existing insurance you have - Depending on the cover required you may find that you have insurance taken out by your employer as part of your benefits package; Some types of insurance are often sold as an add on to other types of insurance or financial service such as legal expenses cover and travel insurance. Once you have done this check what you are covered for and what you are not. People don't often know what exclusions apply until a claim is made.
  • Using a Comparison website - Online comparison websites provide a useful and easy way of getting insurance quotes. No insurance comparison website covers the whole market so it makes sense to use more than one source to ensure you are getting the right cover at the right price. You should also note that some insurance companies do not appear on comparison websites e.g. Direct Line Car Insurance and Aviva Car Insurance
  • Using an Insurance broker - If you are not sure what cover you need or want somebody to help you through the process there are many insurance brokers who will be happy to help. A good insurance broker will not help you in buying insurance but also provide support in the event that you need to make a claim.If you intend to use a broker you should check their FSA registration on the FSA website.
  • Providing correct information - In assessing the insurance risk an insurance company will rely on the information that you give as being accurate. Information provided will determine whether insurance is provided and the cost of premiums. It is therefore important that any information you provide is correct e.g. for life insurance factors such as whether you smoke or participate in dangerous sports can have a material impact on the premium you are required to pay. Non disclosure of such information at the time of application can result in a non payout in the event of a claim. If you are using an insurance broker this is where valuable advice can be provided.
  • Cheapest is not always best - With insurance you generally get what you pay for so before you sign up to an insurance policy you should be aware of what you are covered for and what is excluded. You should consider what you need and ensure you are adequately covered. This may mean you have to pay more to get what you want.
  • Automatic Renewal - when you buy insurance and you pay by direct debit some insurance companies will automatically renew your policy at the renewal date. You should recieve a written notice of the renewal and any increase in the premium. If you are not happy you need to be proactive and shop around before the renewal date and cancel the existing policy before renewal.
  • Changing your mind - You have the right to change your mind within a set period normally 14 days from purchase of the insurance policy and have your money returned.