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Investment News Archive

  • Savings and investment ideas to combat inflation  03/09/2013

    Despite last month’s 0.1% reduction in the Consumer Price Index, the headline rate of inflation continues at a level well above the 2% target and so it remains vital to consider all of your options in light of the impact inflation can have. We therefore provide you with a selection of savings and investments which could help combat inflation. more 

  • Summer sizzlers - our Top 10 most popular investments this summer  14/08/2013

    The British summer officially started on 21st June 2013, so as we approach the two thirds mark we take at look at what has already been a competitive range of income and growth investment opportunities, to bring you our Top 10 best selling investments this summer. more 

  • Investment focus: Morgan Stanley FTSE Defensive Kick Out Plan  14/08/2013

    Investors looking to gain a broad exposure to the UK stock market often look to investments linked to the performance of the FTSE 100 Index. But with the Index continuing its run at historically high levels, many investors are finding it difficult to decide if now is the right time to invest. We therefore take a closer look at the Investec Defined Retursn Plan which is proving popular in these market conditions. more 

  • Investment focus: Midlands Together CIC - Social Impact Bond  06/08/2013

    With so little in the way of positive news coming from the economy and investment landscape, it is good to know that there are still new and innovative investment opportunities available if you look hard enough. We take a look at a new Bond Issue which is designed to combine fixed investment returns with making a social impact. There is also the option to benefit from a relatively uncommon tax break called Community Investment Tax Relief, eligible against income and corporation tax liabilities. more 

  • Investment Focus: Morgan Stanley FTSE Income Accumulator  23/07/2013

    The need for income is at the forefront of every saver and investor alike, whether you are working and need to supplement your earnings, or retired and looking to add to your pension income. The need for income never goes away and with the current economic environment providing one of the most challenging on record, we take a look at one particular solution that is proving popular with income seekers. more 

  • Top 10 tips when selecting your investment plan  09/07/2013

    Whether you are looking for income or growth from your investment, deciding what factors to consider when comparing different investment plans can be a challenge. We therefore give you our Top 10 tips when considering which investment plan to select as well as provide you with our selections from our current range on offer. more 

  • Banking focus - BNP Paribas, a sleeping giant awakes in the UK  25/06/2013

    Following the Prudential Regulation Authority's latest report stating there was a £27.1 billion shortfall in UK bank's capital requirements, we shift our focus to BNP Paribas, a relative unknown on the UK high street. As the fourth largest bank in Europe, we take a closer look at what its credentials are as well as review their recent new launch of investment offerings. more 

  • Where will the FTSE 100 go from here  11/06/2013

    Despite the FTSE 100 recently finishing at its highest level since the turn of the century, it still remains a difficult time for investors when deciding what might happen next – will it be closer to 6,000 points in 12 months time, or perhaps 7,000? We take a closer look at what might happen in the coming years as well as a selection of growth investments to match. more 

  • Calling all investors: our experienced investor section  28/05/2013

    Whether it’s the potential for a steady flow of competitive income, or perhaps the opportunity to enhance your capital in line with the stock market over the medium term, finding and selecting an investment is an important task and with so much choice available, our experienced investor section offers you access to a wider range of investment opportunities. more 

  • Investment Focus: Investec Enhanced Income Plan  28/05/2013

    By combining a high fixed income of 5.76% with conditional capital protection, the Enhanced Income Plan from Investec Bank has been our most popular income investment. With the need for income such a top priority for savers and investors, we take a detailed look at why this investment plan has proved to be a consistent best seller. more 

  • Investment Focus: Morgan Stanley UK Giants Selector Plan  14/05/2013

    Investors looking to gain broad exposure to UK equities often turn to investments linked to the performance of the FTSE 100 Index. But with the Index continuing its run at historically high levels, many investors are finding it difficult to decide if now is the right time to invest. more 

  • UK avoids triple dip - but inflation still a concern  30/04/2013

    The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics mean that the UK has avoided falling into a triple dip recession. But what does this really mean for the economy going forward and what part might inflation play when deciding what to do with our money? more 

  • New ISA allowance available now  16/04/2013

    For both savers and investors, the start of the 2013/14 tax year brings with it a new and increased ISA allowance which is available to use now, even if you invested last year’s allowance right at the last minute. more 

  • Last Minute 2013 Investment ISAs - Our Top 5  26/03/2013

    With less than a week to go until the deadline for using your 2012/13 Investment ISA allowance (£11,280), this is your last opportunity to protect your returns from the taxman. more 

  • Last Minute 2013 Fund ISAs - our Top 10  26/03/2013

    With less than a week to go until the deadline for using your 2012/13 Investment ISA allowance (£11,280), this is your last opportunity to protect your returns from the taxman. more 

  • 78% of UK investors plan to make use of their ISA allowance  22/03/2013

    Recent research from the Association of Investment Companies suggests that 78% of investors plan to make use of their ISA allowance this year. 40% plan to use only the shares element , representing a 1% rise since last year, while just over a quarter plan to use both their cash ISA and investment ISA allowance, again representing a 1% increase on the previous year. more 

  • 2013 Investment ISA Selection  19/03/2013

    With the 5th April end of tax year deadline close at hand, we bring you our selection of the best investment plans currently available to help you decide how best to make use of this valuable tax break. more 

  • 2013 Fund ISA Selection  19/03/2013

    With the ISA deadline fast approaching, taking advantage of this valuable tax break should be at the top of every investor’s list of priorities. To help, we have put together our selection from the 1,500+ funds available from the Fair Investment Fund Supermarket. more 

  • 2012-13 ISA deadline looms  14/03/2013

    The clock is ticking until the annual ISA deadline on 5th April - so if you’ve not used your ISA allowance this year, now is definitely the time to start. more 

  • Over 50s most likely to utilise their ISA allowance  08/03/2013

    A recent survey conducted by NS&I indicates that the demographic of ISA savers has undergone quite a few changes in recent years. A survey of over 1,200 UK adults revealed some interesting insights into the behavior of savers in the past few years. more 

  • 24% of Britons will invest £11,280 in their 2012-13 ISA allowance  08/03/2013

    The latest research released by NS&I suggests that there has been an increase in the number of people who’ll be making use of their annual ISA allowance. more 

  • 3 Income Funds for monthly income for your 2013 investment ISA  06/03/2013

    When investing for income using your ISA allowance, it’s important to achieve a balanced spread of funds in order to maximise your chances of a steady, regular income. more 

  • Investment ISA top picks - income and growth  05/03/2013

    With only a month to go, time is running out to maximise the valuable tax benefit of your ISA allowance before the deadline on 5th April 2013 – otherwise it is gone forever. For those looking to use their Investment ISA allowance, more 

  • 2013 kicks off with a 39% increase in fund investments for Barclays Stockbrokers  27/02/2013

    Barclays Stockbrokers saw a record month for fund investment in January this year, getting off to a strong start for client investment into funds for 2013. more 

  • Top performing open ended investment funds unveiled  25/02/2013

    Recent research by What Investment has ranked the 30 most consistent open-ended funds over the past 14 years.  more 

  • Top 10 Tips for ISA season  19/02/2013

    With the end of the tax year looming large on the horizon, it’s time to make good use of your ISA allowance if you haven’t done so already. You’ve only got until midnight on 5th April 2013 to squirrel away up to £11,280 of your hard-earned cash and protect it from the tax man so to help you make the most of your ISA allowance, we've put together our Top 10 tips for the 2013 ISA season. more 

  • Top 10 reasons to consider Fixed Income Investments  05/02/2013

    The hunt for a competitive fixed income intensifies amidst the significant reduction in long term fixed rates, volatile gilt and bond yields and unexciting dividends from FTSE 100 companies. We therefore take a look at our Top 10 reasons for considering the increasingly popular fixed income investment. more 

  • Fixed Income investments laid bare  05/02/2013

    Fixed income investments were one of the real investment stories of 2012 with a huge surge of interest that is increasing as investors seek attractive income opportunities. We take a deeper look at what is making these investments so popular in the current economic climate. more 

  • High fixed income for these challenging times  08/01/2013

    With the current economic outlook for the UK looking gloomy at best, the need to maximise the returns on investments is more important than ever before. With this in mind, we take a look at a fixed income investment which by combining a high level of monthly income with conditional capital protection, is proving to be a very competitive option in these challenging times. more 

  • Top 10 reasons to consider our most popular income investment  27/11/2012

    The search for income intensifies as a result of the significant reduction in long term fixed rates, poor bond yields and increasing inflationary pressures. The future is uncertain but the Bonus Income Plan from Investec continues to grow in popularity - we take a look at our Top 10 reasons to consider our most popular income investment to understand why. more 

  • New 'experienced investor' section goes live  27/11/2012

    We are constantly looking at ways to improve our site and with the growing number of our customers making use of fixed term investments and structured deposits, we have recently launched a new section aimed at giving experienced investors a wider choice of competitive income and growth investments. more 

  • Income ideas for your savings and investments  30/10/2012

    The need to get the most from our savings and investments is higher now than ever before. We therefore take a look at some of our income selections, for both capital protected savings as well as the potential for higher income yields on offer from putting your capital at risk. more 

  • How to de-risk your investments  16/10/2012

    We take a closer look at collateralisation, the method of mitigating counterparty risk, as well as review the UK 5 option, Investec's alternative investment for those looking to spread the credit risk of the financial institutions underpinning their investment. more 

  • Investment Focus: Investec Bonus Income Plan  16/10/2012

    With low interest rates continuing to drive the need for income higher and higher, we take a closer look at one of our most popular income investments, the Investec Bonus Income Plan. more 

  • 13% potential growth returns on your investments  18/09/2012

    If 13% potential investment growth sounds attractive to you, the Investec Enhanced Kick Out Plan is worth considering, offering the opportunity for early maturity. more 

  • Investing in the FTSE 100 in the current climate  18/09/2012

    With the FTSE hovering between 5,500 and 5,900 points for the last few months, we take a look at how this has changed investor's attitudes and see what is proving popular from our current range of investment selections. more 

  • Up to 9% annual investment growth with conditional capital protection  18/09/2012

    Depending on your view of where the FTSE's going, RBS is offering two different investment plans with the potential to kick out early with high growth returns. more 

  • Investment Focus: Morgan Stanley FTSE Defensive Bonus Plan  04/09/2012

    With the current investment climate proving difficult to navigate, we take a look at an investment from Morgan Stanley which offers the ability to provide 10% annual growth, whether the FTSE goes down slightly, goes up or stays flat. more 

  • Top 5 reasons to invest in our most popular income plan  03/09/2012

    We explain why the Investec Bonus Income Plan is the most popular choice for our customers. Here's just one reason: it pays up to 7.32% annual income. more 

  • Investments with the potential for 10% annual growth  24/08/2012

    The potential for 10% annual growth with early maturity from year 1 - find out about the latest structured investment plans from Morgan Stanley and Legan & General. more 

  • Compare investments with the potential for 10% annual growth  17/08/2012

    With the potential for double digit returns from an investment always demanding our close attention, we take a look at two plans offering the opportunity for the same headline rate of 10%. more 

  • The opportunity for 13% annual investment growth  06/08/2012

    The chance for potential investment growth of 13% a year if the FTSE rises by even a small amount could be an attractive trade-off for putting your capital at risk. more 

  • Invesco Perpetual Monthly Income Plus Fund popular with income seekers  01/08/2012

    The Invesco Perpetual Monthly Income Plus Fund is the most popular fund choice for investors using the Fair Investment fund supermarket over the last 12 months. The fund managed by fixed income specialists Paul Causer and Paul Read seeks to achieve a high level of income whilst seeking to maximise total return through investing in high yield corporate and government bonds. The fund portfolio has at least 80% invested in bonds with a maximum of 20% invested in equities. Along with income generation capital security is a priority for the fund managers. more 

  • 8.24% investment income per year if the FTSE stays above 3,500  26/07/2012

    If you're looking for a high level of income and you think the FTSE 100 will remain above 3,500 for most or all of the next five years, the Income Builder Plus from Gilliat offers an attractive option - up to 8.24% annual income. more 

  • 9.3% annual investment growth, even if the FTSE falls  20/07/2012

    If you think the FTSE is on the edge of a bull run, a gradual decline or will continue to bubble along between 5,000 and 6,000, then the UK Step-down Defensive Kick Out from the Royal Bank of Scotland may appeal, offering 9.3% potential annual growth. more 

  • Investment closing soon: 11.5% each year even if the FTSE 100 falls by 10%  13/07/2012

    Most would agree that 11.5% annual growth is a sound investment return, so if you are prepared to put your capital at risk for higher returns whether the market falls slightly, remains flat or rises, then the Defensive Bonus Plan from Morgan Stanley is worth considering. more 

  • What makes a top selling income investment  10/07/2012

    We take a closer look at the features of the Bonus Income Plan from Investec to understand what makes it a top selling income investment. more 

  • Earn 10.25% annual growth on your investment if the FTSE goes up  05/07/2012

    L&G is offering potential annual growth of 10.25% if the FTSE 100 is higher at the end of the plan that at the beginning, in return for putting your capital at risk. more 

  • Our most popular investment plan offers 7.25% fixed income  29/06/2012

    Our most popular investment plan offers a fixed income of 7.25% each year and the potential for a 0.5% bonus for each year the FTSE 100 finishes higher than its starting value. more 

  • Is inflation really under control  26/06/2012

    With the reductions to the headline rate of inflation in recent months, you might start to feel like things are starting to come under control.  Here we take a look at some of the main factors which have driven the recent falls and look further as to what this could mean for both savers and investors in the medium to longer term. more 

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