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'Online comparison can save you thousands', claims website

28 April 2006
Although comparing financial products may not be everyone's idea of spending a perfect few hours on a Saturday, it could save you thousands of pounds.

This is the view of financial comparison website, which has stressed the importance and potentially substantial financial benefits of shopping around.

By using the vast array of tools at your disposal these days, particularly online comparison services, the savings you can make can quickly mount up, even in the space of just a few hours research, says Peter Gerrard, senior researcher for

"If you spend an hour or an hour and a half, you could save as much as £3,000," Mr Gerrard insisted. "That is a lot of money to save for a small amount of time.

"Our site guides you through the process [and] we cut the time out of shopping around," he claimed.

As consumers we have all the tools for financial savings at our beck and call, the website insists, and so there is no reason not to use them.

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