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ALIL increases international accounts rate

01 November 2005
Alliance & Leicester International Limited (ALIL) has increased interest rates on its US dollar and euro savings accounts to make them even more competitive.

Customers with the US Dollar Savings account will see a 0.6 per cent rise on accounts across all tiers, from $5,000 to $100,000.

The increase will be the fifth this year alone, substantially boosting the offshore bank's initial interest rate.

Euro Savings account holders will see rates increase to 2.05 per cent on accounts with a minimum balance of €5,000, above the official euro rate of two per cent.

"Alliance & Leicester International is committed to providing offshore savers with a choice of currency accounts paying competitive interest rates," said Simon Hull, managing director of ALIL.

"With more customers continuing to move, work or even just spend time abroad, we have seen an increase in demand for both US Dollar and Euro accounts," he added.

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