Abbey International launched

15 July 2004
There has been a change of name in the world of offshore banking, with Abbey National Offshore becoming Abbey International.

The move is part of parent company Abbey's business re-launch, which began in September 2003.

The name Abbey International is in line with Abbey's decision to drop the word 'National' from its name and use the Abbey brand for most of its activities.

However, the company is quick to point out that this re-launch is about more than just a name change.

It also includes changes to Abbey International's website, advertising, and doing away with banking jargon in a bid to make banking clearer and easier to understand.

The managing director of Abbey International, David Siddall, said: "Our research shows that up to three million people in the UK will become an expatriate at some point in their lives. They have a lot to sort out when they move abroad, including their banking."

He continued: "Our new look mirrors the new Abbey brand, already familiar to people in the UK, to help them feel that they are moving their trusted UK bank overseas with them."

This week will see promotion of the re-branding with a new advertising theme. The advertising focuses on the theme 'take your bank abroad' for people still based in the UK.

This is all in addition to a new brochure and the recent re-writing of almost 100 customer letters in simple and straightforward English.