Abbey finds millions of Britons unhappy with their current accounts

08 November 2004
Abbey has discovered that 10 million Britons are unimpressed with their current accounts - but that half have been with the same provider for life.

The lack of movement of current accounts was based on the misconception that this was a difficult thing to do.

Abbey found that 35 per cent of current account holders felt switching providers was one of the most stressful things you can do - including moving house.

But the banks survey also discovered that 90 per cent of people who had switched accounts fount that the process was easy.

Angus Porter, Abbey's customer director, commented: "Whilst people don't necessarily get excited about their finances, what aggravates them about their everyday banking is pretty clear. We're alarmed to see that so many people are unhappy and surprised that they don't do anything about it.

"We want to encourage unhappy consumers to stop accepting their lot and to move to an alternative account. Despite dissatisfaction there is still inertia and we want to break through that."

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