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Alliance & Leicester's £100 current account bonus runs out next week

22 May 2009 / by Rachael Stiles
Consumers have got less than a week left to bag £100 for opening an Alliance & Leicester Premier current account or Premier 50 current account online.

The £100 offer for switching online to an Alliance & Leicester Premier and Premier 50 current accounts ends on May 28; so customers still have time to take advantage of boosting their current account balances at a time when interest rates are plummeting to record lows.

Research from Alliance & Leicester has recently revealed that 61 per cent of Britons have no intention of reviewing their current account deal in the next 12 months.

Consequently, Alliance & Leicester says, customers could be missing out on a more competitive current account, such as the £100 incentive to get better value for money.

"Far too many British banking customers choose to remain with the same uncompetitive -current account for years and as a result are likely to be missing out on great interest rates as well as value benefits to suit their banking needs," said Gillian Almond, manager of Alliance & Leicester current accounts.

"It is vital that people are regularly reviewing their finances to ensure they are benefiting from a current account which offers a good all round deal," she added.

Ms Almond urges any current account customer to review the deal they are currently getting to see if they can't get a better package elsewhere.

She said: "we would suggest those banking customers who haven't switched accounts recently, that now is the best time to do so - to get themselves a competitive current account, while also pocketing some extra cash."

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