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Alliance & Leicester International launches MyBankOffshore

13 April 2005
Alliance & Leicester International has announced the launch of MyBankOffshore, a new internet banking service for international clients.

The offshore savings bank has developed the new service to allow clients to track their accounts online, 24 hours a day, with access to the current balance and interest rate, transaction history and details of interest accrued.

Customers will be able to download this account information, as well as perform many of the actions expected of an internet banking service - send the bank information, make changes to account details and instruct transactions and money transfers.

MyBankOffshore also provides a secure messaging system allowing customers across the globe to communicate directly with the bank at any time of day.

"With a large percentage of our customer base in far off places, we knew there would be a need for internet banking," said Simon Hull, managing director of Alliance & Leicester International.

"[Now] our customers will have the freedom to control all aspects of their accounts with the assurance that it is safe and secure, all from the comfort of their own home, wherever they live."

MyBankOffshore was developed following extensive consultation of Alliance & Leicester International customers.

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