Alliance & Leicester launches pre-pay for migrant and temporary workers

18 June 2007
Migrant and temporary workers could soon benefit from instant access to wages which they would otherwise be paid with cash or cheque via a pre-pay card, Alliance & Leicester has announced.

The bank's Visa pre-paid cards could help companies save on payroll production, minimising administration for companies, while also cutting the risk of fraud presented by paying with cash or cheque.

Companies need no longer struggle to regularise payment methods across their full workforce when some have bank accounts and others have no account or a temporary account, the bank emphasised.

Paying temporary, short-term or migrant workers in particular would be made easier for employers, who simply load up a card with their wages.

Bonuses and expenses reimbursements could also be transferred through with instantaneous effect, helping employees spend their well-earning savings.

Getting their pay transferred through a pre-pay card would mean "a vastly improved experience for the employee or contractor", said James Le Brocq, director of pre-paid cards at Alliance & Leicester.

Britain employees an estimated 1.2 million temporary workers in any one week, a recent survey from the Assessment Network found.

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