Alliance & Leicester revolutionises banking services

21 October 2005
Alliance & Leicester has modernised its current range of services to make banking easier for its busy customers.

The bank is offering a new ATM service which allows customers to make cash and cheque deposits into any card-based account and even prints out a scanned copy of any cheques deposited so that customers can keep a record of their transactions.

Customers will also be able to speak to advisers free and direct via new phones installed in banks across the country.

The announcement of the new services coincides with the opening of Alliance & Leicester's new 'concept' branch in Brighton which provides a serene atmosphere in which customers can carry out their banking business.

The new branch, which opened in Brighton yesterday, offers a quicker service aided by new, cutting-edge technology, and plays soothing music to its customers.

An Alliance & Leicester spokesperson said: "Our customers will benefit enormously from the new design allowing them to bank in a relaxed, modern and welcoming environment.

"The enhanced self-service facilities within the branch are exactly what today’s customers demand from their bank and ensures that they have quicker access to our existing team of specialist staff."

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