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BBA celebrates 200,000 visitors to dormant accounts website

24 September 2007
An awareness campaign to help people to take control of ‘forgotten’ cash has led to increased traffic on the British Bankers' Association (BBA) website.

"More people than ever are tracking down forgotten funds in dormant accounts. Even if you've forgotten the money, it's still yours,” said chief executive Angela Knight CBE.

BBA has celebrated the 200,000th visit to its site, which offers a free account tracking service.

It received 8,500 claims in July and August, exceeding the total for full year 2006. The company’s dormant accounts web pages attracted 75,000 visits in the two-month period compared with just 150,000 visits for the whole of 2006.

The company estimates that assets worth between £350 million to £500 million have been forgotten by customers, fuelling the recent rush of requests for help.

The company’s account tracking service cites moving house and forgetting to tell a bank, finding old bank books when someone goes into care or dies, and considering the amounts involved to be too insignificant as the reasons behind the neglected accounts.

However, Ms Knight suggests that anyone who has money in a dormant account should follow it up. "It doesn't matter how old the account is, how little money is in it, or even if the branch or bank has closed," she said.

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