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Bald men 'save more'

23 August 2007
Older men are more likely to save than their younger counterparts according to research suggesting that the over 50s have a higher propensity toward savings overall.

Research from Abbey highlights balding British men as more likely to put money away toward retirement, with 43 per cent of men who are saving having lost all their hair.

Conversely, 34 per cent of men over 50 years of age who are not contributing to their savings have kept their hair, suggesting a link between financial prudence and hair loss.

One theory that has been put forward is that those men who pay close attention to their finances are more likely to worry, thus leading to earlier hair loss.

The majority of savers do not check the interest rates available on savings accounts, according to a recent survey carried out for HSBC Direct, suggesting that many may be missing out on interest payments.

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