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Bank customers choose Smile

05 October 2003
Internet bank Smile has the highest percentage of happy customers in the banking sector, according to figures released by Which? magazine.

Nearly 91 per cent of Smile's customers claimed to be satisfied with all aspects of the bank's service, compared to 82 per cent at First Direct and 74 per cent at Nationwide.

Barclays, NatWest and Lloyds did not fare so well, each reporting roughly a third of customers as being satisfied.

The report also indicated that the popularity of the big four banks is waning, down six per cent in use since 2001.

The strong performance of Smile is evidence of growing confidence in the online banking sector, which has seen significant growth this year as more individuals look to exploit online financial services.

However it was the Internet bank Cahoot, part of the Abbey group, that made the most mistakes this year according to the Which? report.