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Banks relocate call centres in India

01 November 2003
Lloyds TSB and Barclays are expected to reveal in the next few days the extent of their intentions to expand on the subcontinent, which could see thousands of jobs exported to India.

Plans to relocate call centres in India follow this month's announcement by HSBC that they will move 4,000 jobs to India, Malaysia and China. This will see the closure of five processing centres in Britain.

Lloyds employees have already been warned that 1,500 jobs will be moved to Bangalore following a successful pilot project. Call centres in Glasgow and Newport are thought to be two of several centres at risk from cuts.

Scottish Widows life insurers and Cheltenham & Gloucester mortgage and general insurance arms are also feared to be at risk.

Many companies have been attracted to using English-speaking staff in Asia to deal with back office and call centre roles, with HSBC taking the most radical steps so far by conceding call centres in the UK will have to be closed.

Lloyds TSB declined to comment last night but it is believed that voluntary redundancies will be required in some cases.

Abbey, Royal Bank of Scotland, and HBOS have all been quick to assure their workforces that outsourcing will not take place.