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Barclays brings added security to online banking

18 April 2007
Barclays is to introduce new measures to improve security from its online banking offering, with its PINsentry scheme being rolled out in the second half of this year.

The initiative will see account holders receive handheld chip and pin card readers to help fight fraud.

Customers will use their normal debit card details and pin number to carry out payments to other account holders online, rather than being asked for passwords of memorable words.

"PINsentry is the next generation of fraud prevention technology and Barclays is proud to be the first organisation in the UK to roll it out to its customers," commented Barnaby Davis, director for electronic banking at Barclays.

More than half a million customers will receive one of the card readers before the end of 2007 for setting up new payments to third parties, with those who don't receive one initially able to continue using their online banking as normal.

This latest attempt from Barclays to fight fraud follows on from previous initiatives such as free anti-virus software and a SMS text message confirmation service.

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