Barclays launches new Regular Saver account

16 February 2006
In a bid to attract new customers, Barclays will launch its new Regular Saver account tomorrow.

The new account will pay out a ten per cent gross on savings between £25 and £250 each month for the period of one year after the account is opened.

Both new and existing customers will be able to benefit from the account, as long as the customer pays a minimum of £1,000 into a Barclays current account each month.

"The improvement and simplification of our savings range and the ten per cent Regular Saver demonstrates Barclays' determination to give its existing customers value for money products," said Bruce Kelsall, commercial director of retail banking at Barclays.

He added that the launch of a "best in market" general insurance proposition and the zero per cent overdraft switcher offer show that Barclays is "serious" about offerings its customers the "best products and service".

"We will be launching new products across current accounts, savings and mortgages during the course of 2006 to attract more customers to Barclays and retain those already with us," added Mr Kelsall.

Barclays is also making its existing savings range simpler by introducing two more new products, as well as increasing the interest rate for younger savers.

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