Barclays reveals four in ten unprepared for financial future

02 June 2005
Almost four in ten (39 per cent) people in the UK are dangerously unprepared for their financial future, according to new research from Barclays.

Barclays found that 39 per cent of British people do not plan their finances at all, whilst a further 38 per cent spends just 15 hours or less a year considering their financial futures.

Yet this could be the best time for Britons to seek independent financial advice, as depolarisation improves customer choice by allowing financial advisers to offer life, pensions and investment products sourced from a variety of providers as well as their own.

"We are not a nation of planners - 33 percent of us don't even spend time planning our annual holiday," said Ray Greenshields, managing director of Barclays UK Private Client businesses.

"It is more worrying, however, that so many of us fail to spend time planning for our financial futures."

Barclays is using the opportunity offered by depolarisation to launch Select Choice, a new financial planning advice service taking full advantage of the new rules.

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