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Barclays reveals money is all in a name

30 June 2005
You may have thought about the nicest name for your baby, but have you ever thought that the name you choose could help your child get a head start in the high earning stakes?

Research from Barclays has revealed the top names for high earners, to give parents the chance to ensure a comfortable retirement by choosing high-flying names for their children.

According to the Barclays survey, there are more men called David and more women called Susan earning £100,000 or more per year than any other name.

High-flying Davids are followed by Johns and Michaels, whilst the top-earning Susans are hotly pursued by Elizabeths and Susans, the bank found.

"If you want your newborn to keep you in the manner to which you have become accustomed to in your old age you should consider the latest list of high earners' names," commented Mark Till, marketing director for Barclays Premier Banking.

The research covered 60,000 Barclays Premier customers, all of whom fall into the £100,000 or more a year earnings bracket.

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