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Barclays: work place ‘dreamers’ are the next generation of entrepreneurs

25 September 2007
Employees who are thought of as dreamers or ‘away with the fairies’ during working hours are simply a mass of untapped, entrepreneurial talent, according to research from Barclays Local Business.

The latest survey from Barclays has revealed that employees who appear distracted are more likely to go out and start their own business, as nearly half of Britain’s entrepreneurs claim to have dreamt up ideas for their new ventures whilst daydreaming at work.

John Davis, marketing director for Barclays Local Business comments: “This survey highlights what many bosses have probably suspected for a long time – that for some employees, their current job is the last thing on their mind when they are at work.

“However, whilst they may be wasting their employer’s time they are not necessarily being idle; as they are planning for their own future. For budding entrepreneurs, the routine of their day-job can spark dreams of going onto bigger and better things.”

Despite ploughing plenty of energy into planning during their working hours, these wannabe entrepreneurs seem to have got their priorities right: only eight percent would interrupt their holidays to come up with a killer business idea.

But running your own company brings with it a certain amount of stress, as the survey revealed: just under 40 per cent admit to feeling nervous about giving up the financial stability of a full time job, while nearly one in five worry about getting into debt and a further six percent feel that there would be added pressure on their home life.

Davis concludes: “For employers there is nothing more frustrating than letting untapped talent slip through the net as staff showing entrepreneurial signs provides huge benefits and help small, medium or larger companies grow. Perhaps it will serve as a warning to any boss that they shouldn’t take their eye off the ball when it comes to keeping their staff interested and engaged and developing their people.”

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