Birmingham Midshires says British savers want instant gratification

01 May 2007
Britons' saving intentions are still conquered by the will to spend, a new study from Birmingham Midshires (BM) shows, with slightly more than half of savers opting for an instant access account in the last three months.

By ensuring they can get at their money without a 'cooling-down' period, the bank believes that Britons show they prioritise instant spending power over long-term saving.

"We would encourage savers to also remember the long term and make adequate provisions," stressed BM's director of savings Jason Robinson.

Unsurprisingly, Londoners topped the big spender list, with 66 per cent choosing instant access accounts.

Worryingly, more women, who are lower earners on average than their male counterparts, were eager to have unhampered access to their money, with 56 per cent opening an instant account compared to just 46 per cent of men.

Last week, a report from the Office of National Statistics showed that UK households' consumption increased by 73 per cent between 1991 and 2005.

BM believes this figure demonstrates that a spend-oriented consumer mentality is overwhelming the resolve to plan over the longer-term.

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