Birmingham Midshires to reunite ex-members with cash from share sales

26 July 2007
Birmingham Midshires has launched a campaign to help get more than 17,000 former members of the Birmingham Midshires Buildings Society their cash entitlements from the sale of their free Halifax Preference Shares in 2002.

Most of the former members – 96.5% - have claimed their money, but there are still 17,000 who have yet to claim their £433.50 share of the £7.5million pot.

Birmingham Midshires is part of the HBOS group, and the share allocation was made as part o the acquisition in 1999. Halifax 6.125% Preference Shares were converted to HBOS 6.475% Preference Shares on 24th June 2005.

Birmingham Midshires says it has identified each person who qualifies, and will be contacting each one between July 2007 and September 2007.

Nigel Stockton, managing director, Birmingham Midshires, said, "We are determined to reunite as many former members with their cash as possible. HBOS has a very strong track record of reuniting customers with unclaimed shares and cash in old and unused accounts."

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