Britannia: Traditional banking still has a place

11 August 2006
Despite the rise in popularity of telephone and internet banking, Britannia Building Society has found that many customers still hanker for the 'good old days' of personalised, face-to-face service.

New systems that are used to deal with customer queries and transactions, such as phone and internet services, have made daily communication far more convenient for many customers but the findings of Britannia's survey revealed some interesting alternative opinions.

Around two-thirds (61 per cent) of respondents said they would welcome the abolition of overseas call centres and the same proportion said they would prefer to speak to someone in person about a major financial decision.

Almost half (46 per cent) said they would like to have a branch of their bank nearer and over half (51 per cent) also said that institutions not giving customers enough options for how they would prefer to do their banking was their main failing.

Most banks and building societies now offer online, telephone, and branch banking options and clearly different people prefer to do their banking in different ways, observers noted.

The problems arise when people are put off organising their finances by the fact that their preferred option is not available to them, and in many cases the most likely option to be deprived of is a local branch.

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