British women 'find saving easier than dieting'

03 August 2007
Women in the UK find it easier to save money than to cut down on the calories, it has been reported.

According to engage Mutual Assurance, 67 per cent of females find it easy to discipline themselves and keep to a strict savings regime, whereas 40 per cent cannot stick to a healthy eating plan.

The research found that men are much more able to diet than women, although the latter actually fares better when it comes to budgeting.

And Karl Elliott, marketing director at the company, commented that the findings were positive.

"The good news from these results is that many Britons actually find saving as part of their day-to-day lives relatively easy," he commented.

Meanwhile, Abbey has reported that people should check that their easy access accounts actually offer them numerous ways to get to their money.

The bank found that around one in five only had one method of obtaining cash.

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