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Brits abroad worry about family and finances

22 July 2004
When it comes to moving abroad, it appears Britons are most concerned about their family and their finances.

According to new research carried out by Alliance & Leicester these two problems fall into the top five worries millions of Britons have when planning to move abroad.

The offshore savings bank found that four out of ten people said they aim to move abroad to work or live in the next ten years. A further six million are planning to move to foreign shores by 2020.

The managing director at Alliance & Leicester International, Simon Hull, commented: "More and more people are moving abroad to live and work, and they need to be aware of the many factors they should be considering both before they go, and after leaving Britain."

He said that the organisation of personal finances is "particularly important" and should not be forgotten or neglected.

Mr Hull continued: "One key area for people to consider when moving abroad is opening up a currency account. These have become more and more popular recently, especially with more and more people considering buying property abroad."