Brits rely on loans for honeymoons

30 November 2005
Brits are increasingly relying on loans to pay for indulgent honeymoons, says National Savings & Investments (NS&I).

NS&I has estimated the average cost of a honeymoon is around £2,800 and almost a third of Brits are plumping for loans to cover the cost of their romantic getaway.

However, saving is a better way of paying for a honeymoon as being in debt can take the excitement away from your romantic sojourn, says NS&I.

"Many of us dream about finding our ideal partner and having a fabulous wedding, but are not necessarily aware of the costs involved," said Karen Jones, marketing director at NS&I.

"Starting a savings fund early can save a lot of money in the long term and also help get a new marriage off to a happier start without the pressure of debt," she added.

NS&I found almost a quarter of romantic Brits have saved over £5,000 to splurge on their post-wedding getaway while 23 per cent have decided to pay for their honeymoon on credit card.

Others rely on travel voucher wedding gifts from friends and family and financial help from their nearest and dearest to fund their two weeks of married bliss.

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