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Brits support warning stickers for ATMs

23 July 2003
The vast majority of people in the UK would welcome stickers on cash machines telling them in advance if they will be charged for making withdrawals, according to a recent poll.

The NOP survey for Nationwide Building Society showed that 95 per cent of people would appreciate the stickers, rather than finding out that they will be charged when they are completing the transaction.

The research also revealed that over half of respondents were unaware that more machines charge for withdrawals than 3 years ago.

Stuart Bernau, executive director at Nationwide said, "This is a worrying statistic considering that during this period a massive 11,000 machines have been installed that charge between £1.25 and £1.50 per withdrawal.

"We estimate that the British public now pays nearly £6 million a month for withdrawing their own money from cash machines, without being aware until the last minute that they will face a fee."

Nationwide is calling on the government to support compulsory warnings on all ATM machines that charge customers for withdrawing cash.

The poll found that 84 per cent of people think they should not have to pay to withdraw their own money from cash machines, while 71 per cent of respondents said that they couldn't understand why machine providers charge people.

Mr Bernau added, "We've campaigned long and hard on this issue, initially meeting a brick wall.

"We are therefore pleased that a number of other financial organisations are now taking a more responsible view on the charging issue.

"If we achieve advance warning of charges it will be a success for common sense and transparency and Nationwide will be delighted to win a victory for the consumer."