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Citizens Advice: Three-quarters of parents struggle with 'difficult' school costs

30 August 2007
For every four parents enrolling a child at school this year, three will struggle with costs, it has been claimed.

Research from national charity Citizens Advice has found that the cost of school trips, books and photographs can prove too much for some after surveying over 1,000 people in June and July 2007.

Some 59 per cent of parents expected to pay more for uniforms this term, while around 40 per cent stated that there was no financial advice made available to them, which may lead to some having no choice but to pay with credit cards or loans.

David Harker, chief executive for the organisation, commented that education may seem to be anything but free for some.

"The government should take stronger action against schools to make uniform policies more realistic and affordable and should monitor schools to make sure they stick to the guidelines," he said.

Last week saw the national publication of GCSE results, with the Sutton Trust commenting that boys are less likely than girls to go into higher education.

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