Co-op: Brits splurge savings on decorations

01 December 2005
Despite predictions Brits will spend less this Christmas, a new survey has found new property owners could splurge as much as £1,000 of their savings on decorating their homes.

The Co-operative Bank says owners spending their first Christmas in their new homes could spend up to £1,000 decking it out for the festivities.

David Newman, director of marketing management at the Co-operative Bank, said: "I'm sure finding the money to buy decorations, on top of the cost of Christmas, when you have recently bought a house is an expense first-time buyers could do without.

"But it's worth people bearing in mind that good decorations can also last for many Christmas' to come, so they should opt for durability where possible."

The bank has estimated that those with a budget of £66 could buy a 6.5ft Christmas tree with decorations and lights plus outdoor lights and a Christmas wreath for their door.

Insurers have warned revellers to be careful and check their Christmas lights are in good condition, since faulty lights cause fires at Christmas time every year.

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