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Couple claims back £25,000 in unfair bank charges after demise of hotel business

01 August 2007
A couple have claimed back £25,000 in unfair bank charges from Natwest after their hotel business collapsed and they spent four years in the red.

The overdraft facility provided by Natwest enabled Alan Abrahams and his partner Valerie Knight-Gibbons to keep their hotel business afloat as it was flailing in the wake of the foot and mouth crisis six years ago, but they were constantly subjected to fees for the privilege.

The couple have now joined the countless others who have successfully reclaimed the overdraft charges their banks have made to them over the last six years, without having to go to court.

“We are very elated, there is some justice in the world”, Mr Abrahams told the BBC. “It's not the money, it's the sense of achievement, getting something back that was taken from you. I'm so happy.”

Like many others, they were encouraged to write to their bank requesting that the charges be repaid in light of the Office of Fair Trading’s announcement last year that the charges were disproportionate and therefore unlawful.

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