Customers finding cashpoints 'confusing'

31 January 2006
British banks have been criticised for confusing customers over whether their cashpoints charge or whether they are free to use.

Half of bank customers are confused about whether or not they will be charged to take out their money from cashpoints at each of the country's 15 leading banks, excepting Barclays and Lloyds TSB, according to a Which? survey.

Cash machine operator Link denied that the research showed that customers using cash machines were unaware of whether they charged.

"People are already having to go out of their way to dodge the fee-charging cashpoints in shops and bars," said Emma Bandey, senior public officer for Which?.

"What this research shows is that it's likely that many people also waste time and effort trying to find a machine run by their own bank to ensure they wont' be charged."

Which? has called for cashpoints to be labelled red if they charge and green if they are free to use so that people will be able to determine from the outset whether they will have to pay a fee for their withdrawal.

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