Easy access accounts 'not always so simple'

31 July 2007
Easy access accounts might not be as straightforward as the banks claim, according to new research.

Abbey Savings has found that more than one in five (21 per cent) Isa accounts can only be accessed in just one way.

On top of this, 43 per cent gave people two ways of getting to their money - a figure that may not be considered easy access by consumers who want to be able to get to their cash at all times.

The company added that 51 per cent of bank accounts offered people an online route to their money, while 49 per cent allowed access via snail mail.

"The account has to offer a form of management that you are both comfortable and experienced with," commented Abbey head of savings' Alexia Kilby.

Abbey was founded in 1944 and has its headquarters in London.

It is the sixth largest bank in the UK.

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