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Egg offers mobile banking

28 September 2005
Egg has teamed up with mobile phone company O2 to offer customers an i-mode mobile banking service.

The company is the first UK banking provider to offer the service which allows customers to check their balance and carry out transactions on their Egg accounts all via mobile phone.

Director of propositions at Egg, Andy Thompson, said: "We believe that this is an important development in banking.

"Our Egg Money research reveals that consumers do not know at any given time how much money they have available to spend and over half are keen to embrace mobile internet banking as a method of managing their money.

"Our service on i-mode is the start of a revolution in how consumers interact with their finances, providing them with immediate, convenient and fast access to their money wherever they are."

Research by Egg found that over half of their customers claim that they want secure contact with the bank through their mobile phones while they are on the move.

I-mode is a packet-based information service for mobile phone users and delivers information such as train timetables and banking details to mobile phones, as well as allowing exchange of information between handsets.

The service is only currently used in Japan where it is proving extremely popular, particularly for email and the transfer of icons between mobiles.

O2 is the only mobile phone company to offer i-mode so far and Egg will launch its new service in conjunction with the mobile phone company on October 1st.

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