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Experian: Keep your online savings safe

31 October 2005
Brits are still succumbing to online fraudsters - and are putting their savings at risk in the process, says Experian.

Information solutions company Experian says Brits logging on to the internet are still not taking as much care as they should, leaving themselves wide open to fraud.

The company has launched a new online guide to help Britons with online bank accounts protect their savings from online scams like 'phishing' and harmful Spyware software.

"As more and more people go online to shop and manage their finances, cyber criminals become cleverer at finding ways to relieve us of our personal information and our hard-earned cash," said Jill Stevens, director of consumer affairs at Experian.

Online credit card fraud reached a total of £117 million last year, accounting for 80 per cent of all credit card fraud in the UK.

The guide can be downloaded free from the Experian website.

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