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Expert warns internet users over phishing threat

13 September 2007
People using social networking sites have been warned about giving out their personal details online.

A spokesperson for Trend Micro said that such sites should warn people that their information could potentially be used by hackers using phishing techniques.

With some users publishing their mobile phone number, date of birth and address online, people could potentially be at risk financially, he suggested.

"If you do that you are already more than halfway there for a hacker to get into your bank account," he warned.

People need to be educated about the risks involved with publishing personal information on the web, he added.

According to the UK payments association Apacs, more than 26 million people purchased items over the internet last year.

The organization reports that ten million credit and debt cards have now registered with MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa services to ensure greater levels of security when making transactions online.

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