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F&C Investments: Top up CTFs for meaningful savings

11 January 2007
Child Trust Fund (CTF) provider F&C Investments has warned a CTF voucher may be worth little in 18 years' time when the accounts mature.

F&C calls on the government to encourage people to top up the accounts regularly, noting that although the government sends parents a voucher worth £250, each account can be topped up to a maximum of £1,200 per annum.

Head of communications Jason Hollands described the £250 vouchers as "a token starting point", adding: "The real success of the CTF must be the extent to which those accounts are added to, whether by parents, grand parents or family friends."

Inflation and rising costs in higher education or the housing market could mean that children seeking to benefit from their CTF savings when they reach 18 will find the voucher's real value has diminished, Mr Hollands warned.

But alternative provider The Children's Mutual has welcomed the government's announcement that 2.5 million CTFs have been opened.

"For the nation as a whole it's a giant leap, showing people are recognising the value of long-term savings," claimed chief executive David White.

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