Fanfare planned for new Internet account

05 March 2004
Halifax has hired advertising company DLKW Dialogue to promote the launch of its Regular Saver account on the Internet.

Adverts are being shown during the beginning of March on MSN and Yahoo! and then features will be placed on the UK's most popular financial websites.

Chairman of DLKW Dialogue, Simon Andrews told Revolution: "With such a great product - and another epic commercial - we were able to really push the boat out on this campaign.

"With the homepage placements and the mini-DAL this is one of the biggest campaigns we have done so far and we're confident that we can achieve great return on investment."

A microsite has been produced recreating the blockbuster film "Titanic" and offering users a chance to enter a £3,000 prize draw.

Halifax's icon Howard will make another singing appearance on the television adverts with "We Are Saving", a re-work of Rod Stewarts "We Are Sailing".