First Direct meets customers face-to-face

14 November 2006
HSBC's online bank, First Direct, will offer video calling services to customers who want to talk to customer service representatives 'face to face'.

The bank will supply some of its customers with video-equipped mobile phones on the 3G network as part of a video-phone banking trial.

"First Direct customers will be the first in Britain to try out video banking from their mobile," explained Chris Pilling, First Direct's chief executive.

"Our aim is to create services that use cutting-edge technology to meet real customer needs," he said.

The pilot scheme is bolstered by a 'made-for-mobile' website run by 3 and First Direct, which allows customers to access First Direct for voice or video link-up and will feature finance-related podcasts currently in development.

First Direct was the first bank to offer banking services via text message in 1999, and in October introduced the MONILINK mobile banking service, which allows customers to get mini-statements to their mobiles and issues alerts when they approach their overdraft limit.

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