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First direct: Career women no longer alone in dating scene

19 April 2006
New research from first direct bank indicates that finding love and achieving career success are no longer mutually exclusive accomplishments.

The survey shows that 88 per cent of British men would be happy to date a woman who earned more than they did, and more than nine million women say they have earned more than their partner at some point in their careers.

The findings support a recent government report, which revealed that one in five women take home more money than their respective partner but also highlighted the disproportionate amount of housework those same career women take on.

"While women's salaries are slowly catching up with men's, most women are still doing more than their fair share of the chores around the home," said Richard Kimber, chief executive of first direct.

"Our research shows that over half of women are responsible for paying the bills and 44 per cent admit they still take on a disproportionate amount of housework compared to their partner," he added.

First direct also claimed that more people were relying on 24-hour services as part of their hectic lifestyles, accounting for the bank's success in the market since its launch of the first 24-hour banking service in 1989.

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