Football fans lend their support

27 July 2006
According to the findings of Britannia Building Society, more football fans than ever are backing their club financially as well as on the terraces.

The latest figures show a 14 per cent increase in fans investing in "Save and Support" accounts with Britannia over the past 18 months.

Football clubs from Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool to Ipswich Town and Stoke City have encouraged fans to put their money into a savings account attached to the club they support.

Tim Franklin, Britannia's managing director of member business, explained: "It is hard to encourage people, especially children, to get into a regular savings habit.

"The 'Save and Support' accounts make saving more interesting as savers feel that they are benefiting their favourite team as well as making an investment in their own financial future."

Britannia currently holds around 70,000 of the linked bank accounts on its books, which contributed bonuses totalling £2.4 million to the affiliated clubs last year.

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