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Friends Provident: Brits turning hobbies into careers

18 September 2007
Some 25 per cent of people in the UK have ambitions to leave their current job to begin a career based on their favourite pastimes, according to a new report.

Research by Friends Provident revealed that 77 per cent of Brits pay for their hobby with their wages or savings, while 32 per cent spend more than £250 each year on their pastime.

Christine Foyster said: "It is encouraging to find that many people are using their savings or their wages to fund their hobbies, rather than paying with credit cards or loans. Saving regularly can be a cost-effective way to fund a hobby."

With 25 per cent stating that their hobby forms part of their identity, the firm reported that three million Brits have already chosen to make a living from it.

According to Ms Foyster, people in the UK evidently want to develop skills outside of work and turn their hobby into their profession.

A recent survey of small firms by Abbey found that 77 per cent of the UK's entrepreneurs would not choose to return to working for somebody else.

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