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Giving up the little things for Lent

21 February 2007
Many Britons may be toying with the idea of giving up a small indulgence for Lent – chocolate, perhaps, or alcohol.

But according to, anyone serious about saving needs to consider overhauling their spending habits.

Little, regular expenditures on non-essentials including coffees, newspapers and chewing gum stack up the spending and cost British employees £15 a week, the financial advice site found.

Giving up these treats could save Britons £86 over the Lent period and almost £800 in a year.

Acquiring the non-spend habit in Lent could save you £33,000 in a lifetime and if you put that money into a top savings account, it could grow to £142,705 by the time you reach retirement.

So as Lent begins, "there's no time like the present" to start making little savings, moneysupermarket chief executive Stuart Glendinning insists.

From little acorns, great oaks can grow – with great results for your bank balance.

According to AXA, men save 1.5 times as much as women, who could be more susceptible to being tempted by little purchases on a daily basis.

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