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HSBC unveils new 'ATM payphone'

27 September 2006
Banking giant HSBC has brought new meaning to the term "telephone banking" by installing the first of its 50 new payphone banking kiosks.

The first 'ATM payphone' has been placed in Sutton, Surrey and working in conjunction with BT, the bank is aiming to install 49 more of these as part of its commitment to 500 new ATMs nationwide before the end of the year.

David Nibloe, head of express banking at HSBC, stressed the importance of the innovative new banking method, saying ATMs had become "a way of life for UK consumers today".

"Our customers are telling us that they want free access to their cash in convenient locations," Mr Nibloe said, "which is why we're increasing our ATM estate from around 2,900 to over 3,400.

"We're also responding to concerns about access to free ATMs in Britain and have committed to installing free machines in a number of areas that lack them.

"It's not always possible to install 'hole in the wall'-style machines or to put them in local stores, so the phone booth ATMs offer us a fantastic option for providing this service to customers and communities."

The 'phone booth' will have a phone to contact HSBC and conduct banking over the telephone, and on the opposite side, a traditional free-to-use cash machine will be installed.

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