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Halifax finds kids are cyber shoppers

11 July 2005
Over half of all children aged between seven and 16 have bought goods over the internet, according to new research from Halifax.

Boys are the keenest cyber shoppers with 60 per cent admitting to having bought something online, compared with 46 per cent of girls.

And Scottish kids appear to be the most PC-savvy with 80 per cent saying they have purchased a product at some point over the internet.

"We are not only seeing the emergence of a generation of young consumers, but also keen cyber-consumers," commented the head of savings at Halifax, Cheryl Millington.

The number of children buying online this year represents a ten per cent increase on 2004's figure of 43 per cent.

When asked where they would rather go shopping, the high street or in cyber space, 61 per cent of child internet shoppers said they prefer doing it from the comfort of their own home.

The majority feel that buying over the internet is quite simply easier than buying in shops.

The most common online purchases for kids were CDs or tapes (45 per cent), computer games or equipment (45 per cent) and DVDs and videos (43 per cent.)

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