Halifax launches UK’s first foreign currency ATMs

20 September 2007
Customers visiting Halifax ATMs in the UK will soon be able to withdraw euro and US dollar banknotes in addition to the standard sterling currently available.

Believed to be the first UK cashpoints to dispense foreign currency, the machines will accept Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards.

Head of travel money at Halifax, Nigel Turkington, said the development had been introduced following customer suggestions that “the immediate availability of foreign currency would be a valuable addition” to its existing services.

The first branch to offer the service is in Old Broad Street, London, while London Cannon Street, London Strand, London Fleet Street, Basingstoke, Chester, Dumfries, Southampton and Windsor are set to follow by the end of the year.

Cardholders from any bank will be able to use the currency service, which will offer euro and dollar banknotes in denominations of 20.

Halifax and Bank of Scotland debit card customers will not be charged a fee or commission for using the Travelex-supplied ATMs, while customers using credit cards from the two banks will be charged the standard cash advance rate.

Non-Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers will be charged according to their account terms and conditions.

Head of cards at moneysupermarket.com, Rob Kenley, warned customers to make sure they know how much their bank will charge for the service.

“The proposition that Halifax are providing to consumers is no better or worse than going abroad and withdrawing money from an ATM, so long as the provider doesn't charge a transaction fee,” he said.

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