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Happiness is… no bills, says Prudential

10 October 2005
Prudential has revealed in its latest survey that the average Brit needs an extra £12,000 in the bank to make them 'content' and that having no bills would make them smile.

The study by the financial services group found that a 'contentment gap' exists in the UK, with Londoners being the least content Britons - over half said they need an extra £18,000 to keep them happy.

Thrifty Scots said they would only need an extra £6,000 to keep them content.

A spokesperson from Prudential said: "Being able to live without worrying about bills and being able to buy things without worrying how they will pay for it, were the things most people cited as key to financial contentment.

"Both these things are achievable by careful financial planning.

"Encouragingly 40 per cent of people say they would save for their future financial contentment."

Thirteen per cent said they were already financially happy, but six per cent of people polled said they would need a hefty £10,000 extra a month to keep them happy.

Less modestly perhaps, two per cent of adults said that they would not be happy until they had at least £100,000 in the bank every month in addition to their normal income.

According to salary comparison website,, the average national salary in the UK is £22,411.

Londoners came out as the highest earners in the UK, despite higher living costs.

The average Londoner earns £30,984.

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